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Miniature Pinscher Origins

History of the Miniature Pinscher - about the author *

Steve, also know as Yogi on the Paw Pals forum, is the owner of Black Hawk Kennels, which is located in the Seattle Washington area. Steve began rescuing dogs at age 7, and now has 51+ years experience breeding, raising, and rescuing dogs. His current (March 2011) Min Pin count is 24, and he also owns 6 Papillons, 3 Pap Pins, 2 Italian Greyhounds and 1 German Pinscher.

When breeding Min Pins, Steve’s main goal is not necessarily to breed to AKC standards, but to “reintroduce the original Zwergpinscher back in the fold.”

He occasionally still breeds; however, Steve now focuses on rescuing special needs dogs. He has a 3000 sq. ft. fenced yard in which blind, disabled, and elderly dogs and can spend the rest of their lives. In his words, “I have taken them in and given them a place to simply be what they are, dogs.”

Steve has been active on the Paw Pals forum for almost 6 years, and has been a source of great information and inspiration to our members.

Here, Steve has used his knowledge and many years of experience to share his view of the miniature pinscher history with Zeus’s Doghouse. We hope you enjoy.

Earlier this year, Steve passed away, so we want these pages to honor his memory