Zeus's Doghouse

Meet Zeus

Meet Zeus

Welcome to Zeusís Doghouse: the world according to Zeus, our Miniature Pinscher. Miniature Pinschers, Min Pins for short, are a highly intelligent and sophisticated breed. In fact, sometimes they are too intelligent for their own good. They are high energy, playful, and have a great sense of humor. There are many books detailing breed characteristics, some of which can be found via the shopping page, or you can find many answers to your questions on the PawPal forums.

Zeus was born Aug 20 1999. He quickly assumed his current position as Chief Security Officer at our house. He keeps squirrels in line, keeps stray animals out of the yard, and inspects all new people & property that come into the house. In addition, he alerts all pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists that pass in front of the house that an A-1 Chief Security Officer resides here and trespassing will not be tolerated.

He is also an obedience school graduate. We learned a lot from obedience school, and Zeus learned some, too. At times, we wondered if he would earn his degree, but he was able to pass his final exam.

Zeus is also a local celebrity (sort of). Click here to see a clip of his television debut or here for his newspaper picture. If you would like more information about anything Min Pin, stop by the PawPal forums or contact Zeus by e-mail.

Meet Athena

In 2008, we adopted Athena. Athena is the hunter of our little pack, and she takes her job seriously, too. She hunts anything that movesóbirds, squirrels, bugs, toads, etc. She has taken the role of a bratty little sister to Zeus, and he is her protective older brother.

This site is intended to be a great place for Min Pins and their owners to visit and, hopefully, form a community. That is the purpose of the PawPal forums and MinPin-Ups image gallery-- we all love to chat and exchange pictures of our favorite little canine guys and gals.

This is also a place where prospective Min Pin owners can come to find out about the Miniature Pinscher breed and see if they are up to the particular challenges associated with Min Pins. Hopefully, if potential owners understand the requirements of the obligation they are taking when a Min Pin is adopted, it will cut down on the need of Min Pin rescue. Until then, Zeus will try to do his part by contributing a portion of the proceeds from the sales generated on this site to animal rescue.